Jack & Jill Pre-School - Godmanchester
Jack & Jill Pre-school is a non profit-making charitable organisation with professional full time staff and run by a committee of parents. 
As an approved Early Years Education Establishment we receive funding from Cambridgeshire County Council Education Service for 3 and 4 year olds & also 2 year olds that qualify for the Free 2's funding through the local Children's Centre.
 We also depend heavily on the participation of parents to support our staff and raise the essential additional funding required to make our Pre-School the best possible environment for the children to learn and play.
We would like to welcome you and your child to Jack & Jill Pre-school. The website is designed to provide some basic information about us, although further details of our policies are held at the Pre-school.
 You are also invited to ask the staff or committee members for any further information. 
At Jack & Jill Pre-School our goal is to provide a positive learning environment with a flexible curriculum designed to meet the needs of each and every child who attends our setting.
Our overall objective is that every child will gain new skills and understanding through play, learning at their own pace and sharing their discoveries with each other, with adults in the setting and with their families at home.
Jack & Jill Pre-school encourages the children in its care to work towards achieving  desirable learning outcomes for children, as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage document on Nursery Education.
We do this by providing play facilities appropriate to age and development so that:-
  • Social linguistic
  • Physical
  • Creative
  • Intellectual, and
  • Emotional development                                     
may be explored and enhanced for every child in our care.
Children need to feel safe; safe to explore their world, and try new things. Second, they need to feel nurtured. They need to know that they are special and unique. Their hurt feelings count, their sadness is comforted, their joy is shared, and their accomplishments are praised.
Children need to be stimulated academically. They need to be exposed to age appropriate curriculum that will allow them to be successful.
They need to have opportunities to express their creativity. Children are social and as they move from parallel play to co-operative play, they need to be guided towards socially acceptable behaviours. Children need to be children. They need to play and pretend and embrace this sacred time in their lives.
Parents and carers are vital to our group to achieve these goals and they are always very welcome to stay and help. Parents are encouraged to join their child to share their child's experiences at least once during their time at pre-school.
Jack & Jill Pre-school offers the children an environment where they will be treated with kindness, patience and courtesy.
* Each child’s individuality is respected and cherished and in return the children will learn that acquiring skills and knowledge is fun.
Staff treat the children in their care as their very own and will love, reprimand, guide and encourage them in a caring and supportive manner at all times.
* Each child will feel like it is a home away from home and will feel safe to explore this new experience in their life.
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